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Episode 16 - Unsolved Mysteries (with Special Guest Star: Bigfoot)

April 29, 2018

Young Dave had the good sense to run from the room when he heard the Unsolved Mysteries theme music play, but young Axel embraced his fear and went to bed crying after being convinced aliens were real, and likely coming for him in the middle of the night. 

We're revisiting childhood trauma by way of a show completely grounded in reality (until the segments where that all went out the window because Robert Stack just wanted to tell a scary story).

In this episode we discover Robert is not amused by D.B. Cooper's nonsense and Robert is not afraid to mess with the Mohan, but Bigfoot? We're attending another service at the Church of Bigfoot and let's just say we wouldn't be surprised to learn Robert's ghost is a member in good standing.

We're suffering through and reporting back on Unsolved Mysteries Season 1, Episodes 5 and 18, available to stream for free for Amazon Prime members.

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Theme music: "Mexicana Massacre" by Tomb Dragomir off his Instrumental Psycho Synth Album