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December 19, 2018

Axel Kohagen is a writer from Minneapolis, MN. With Roy C. Booth, he is co-author of Orphans from Dark Fantasy Press. The two have also co-authored several horrific short stories including “Last Stop,” “Just Another Ex,” and “The Most Wonderful Undead Time of the Year.” Under his own byline, he has a story published in Human Cuisine, and defined “horror” and “Stephen King” for The Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities. His work has been mentioned in Rue Morgue Magazine.

Dave Hunt has worked in communications and graphic design for two decades. He's written a couple novels you will likely never read, he's co-run a boudoir and pinup photography studio in rural Virginia, and has recently been learning how to paint with acrylics. Someday he's convinced he'll learn how to draw. Oh, and while it's something he never would have predicted, he also edits a bi-weekly podcast. 

Axel and Dave met at a mutual friend's wedding, and they and their wives immediately all hit it off. Axel and Dave further bonded over their love of MST3K and watching bad movies from the Walmart $5 DVD bin.

A few years after Dave and his wife moved out to the east coast, he pitched the idea to Axel that the two of them could do a podcast together, after being inspired by listening to The Greatest Generation, another podcast created by two long-distance friends. Axel was immediately on board, and refined the idea by suggesting they focus on skewering documentaries, which has proven to be a stroke of genius. (Axel also thankfully came up with the name for the show because Dave is the first to admit he sucks at naming things.)