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Episode 34 - Y2K Survival Guide with Leonard Nimoy

January 13, 2019

New Year, New Nimoy!

We’re celebrating making it to 2019 by looking back on how we almost didn’t make it through 1999, and our guide on this journey is none other than Hollywood legend Leonard Nimoy.

Well, he starts out as our guide. Then he transports away for 20 minutes while some old prepper dude tells us about chemical toilets and stockpiling potted meat.

Thrill as we learn how lazy computer coders nearly destroyed civilization and turned us into a modern-day Atlantis (Leonard is certain Atlantis is a myth, but death ray technology is open for debate).

Brace yourself as the documentary wildly careens back and forth between insisting our doom is eminent and then assuring us pretty much nothing is going to happen, but then giving the prepper one last shot at telling us we’re screwed, but then here’s Leonard to reassure we’re all okay and hey, have you heard about Atlantis? It’s a myth.  

We're suffering through and reporting back on Y2K Family Survival Guide with Leonard Nimoy, available to stream on YouTube.

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