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Episode 31 - Pilgrims and Mushrooms

November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving! We're releasing this episode early because it's all about pilgrims and mushrooms and Madonna and questionable Star Trek spin-offs. Okay, this isn't exactly a traditional Thanksgiving, but it's definitely a Super True one! 

When our initial plans for this episode fall through, Axel discovers the driest documentary ever made, and makes Dave give a book report on it, with the extra pressure-inducing assertion that Natalie Portman is listening. 

Then we go ahead and still do our planned short on hunting for mushrooms because it is 15 minutes of pure weirdness and joy and potentially life-threatening culinary decisions.

And we also need to talk about this:


Super True Stories is about to break it's one rule, and we're probably not the first ones to blame that on Madonna. With your help, we're going to suffer through and report back on Madonna: Truth or Dare. Find us on kickstarter to learn more!


We're suffering through and reporting back on The Mayflower Pilgrims and Mushroom Hunters, both available to stream from Amazon Prime.

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