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Episode 22 - Geeks on Board

July 22, 2018

On this episode, we find ourselves aboard whatever the opposite of the Love Boat is...or do we?

Join us as we set sail with over 200 Mac geeks, one possible felon, Flat Stanley, and some very out-of-place bros. The weather is nice, the water is warm, the locations are tropical, and thankfully we all have our laptops so we can ignore most of that. OR WE COULD, if the wifi didn't suck, am I right? 

Apple Employee #1 himself, Steve Wozniak is here to tell some jokes, reminisce about the good old days ... and also complain about the wifi.

And speaking of wi, why exactly is that nice young lady who has named herself after a minor Star Trek characters blushing when she talks about what happened at 2 a.m. at Steve's dinner party? By the end of the episode, we may have cracked the case.

We're suffering through and reporting back on Geeks on Board, available to stream for free for Amazon Prime members.

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Theme music: "Mexicana Massacre" by Tomb Dragomir off his Instrumental Psycho Synth Album