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Episode 21 - Baseballs and Boners

July 8, 2018

Nothing says America like baseball, and nothing says America is in trouble like these four terrible shorts about baseball. 

A female British robot from Google Translate gives us a history lesson that Dave opts out of pretty much immediately, which means only Axel gets to hear about baseball's most famous boner.

A kid breaks into the White Sox stadium and fantasizes about playing in the World Series ... and then maybe dies? It's difficult to tell with all the bongos playing.

We're treated to baseball's 101 funniest moments, where Axel questions whether there are 101 moments and Dave questions whether any of them are funny. 

And finally, a nightmarish CGI baseball teaches us dubious lessons about identity, conformity, and race.

We're suffering through and reporting back on The History of Baseball, No Game Today, Baseball's 101 Funniest Moments, and The Love of the Game, all available to stream for free for Amazon Prime members.

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Theme music: "Mexicana Massacre" by Tomb Dragomir off his Instrumental Psycho Synth Album