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Episode 19 - Global Shuffle: The Other Forbidden Dance

June 10, 2018

On this episode, we take a break from ghosts, aliens, and conspiracies to focus on the joyous human activity of dance. At least that's what we thought we were doing. What actually happened was we stared into an abyss full of shaky camcorder footage from the 1990s and found ourselves face-to-face with an 80-minute documentary that provides a steady dance beat and no context for anything. 

We desperately search for meaning, we cope by fondly recalling a dance devoted to fondling, and we take a detour through youthful misadventures renting movies from mom and pop video stores. 

We're suffering through and reporting back on Global Shuffle, available to stream for free for Amazon Prime members. And we dare you to sit through this one. We. Dare. You.

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Theme music: "Mexicana Massacre" by Tomb Dragomir off his Instrumental Psycho Synth Album