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Episode 15 - Face Reading

April 15, 2018

We're neck-deep in it this time, but thankfully our heads remain above the BS because on this episode we're reading faces!

Let's start with Jesus, because that won't be at all problematic. Then we're focusing specifically on what your lips say about you (hint: 80% of us are all the same, but 80% of us are not Russell Crowe). 

After these two YouTube shorts we dive in to one of the most Super True things we've ever watched - a 45-minute slog through what every feature on your face could (but absolutely doesn't) mean. Along the way we comfort ourselves by putting our newfound face-reading skills to the best possible use: We read the face of a popular giant robot from our youth. 

We're suffering through and reporting back on two YouTube shorts:

Face Reading of the People in the News: Jesus of Nazareth

Your Lips = Your Intimacy Style - What is Yours?

and How To Read Faces - The Ultimate Advantage, available to stream for free for Amazon Prime members.

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Theme music: "Mexicana Massacre" by Tomb Dragomir off his Instrumental Psycho Synth Album

Episode stinger dance remix features "Glitterhater" by Computer Music All-stars